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We hear SO many grown ups say “I wish science had have been like this when I was a kid, I would have really liked it!”, well we’re eternal optimists here at CB HQ and this Coronavirus situation provides a great big silver lining…NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO HAVE YOUR WISH! It’s never too late to get sciencing, and what better way to entertain the kids if your family becomes isolated, than getting stuck into some seriously fun science at home.

But you aren’t the science type? We know lots of parents freak out at the prospect of all the questions, the mess and not feeling very confident with teaching their kids science so we’ve pulled together the best FREE resources we could find to support you, and that are likely to generate lots of WOW! moments! We’ll keep adding things as we find them and don’t hesitate to send us questions, don’t worry! We’ve got your back!

The Brilliant ExpeRImental from the team at the Royal Institution with home science experts like Alom Shaha
 77 simple activities for families from Chris Woods aka DailySTEM. He also has a podcast and some really cool Youtube videos!
I’m sure this isn’t news to any of you, but in case you haven’t found her yet Maddie Moate is an explainer hero! Her “Do you know” videos are aimed at little ones but we aren’t going to lie, we learn loads and love them too!
Kids invent stuff is just ridiculously cool, it absolutely ISN’T wasting time on Youtube if you are devouring these videos! They are always looking for crazy new invention ideas from kids so let those imaginations run WILD!

For too long, scientists were inaccessible geeks who were trapped inside their labs incapable of speaking to anyone in words of less than 3 syllables. But not anymore! Oxford Sparks is a BRILLIANT resource giving you science, from the horses mouth. Plus loads of activities to do!


Our pal Emma Vanstone has been compiling and creating hundreds of great ideas for doing science at home for years now! Using simple things you will most likely have at home already, Science Sparks is bound to get you all inspired!

Dr Jo is a science superstar! She usually does workshops in schools, but has teamed up with “The World is Their Classroom” to create some brilliant home science ideas and activities

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