10 Nature Adventures for Families

10 nature adventures for families

10 nature adventure ideas for families

It’s great for our physical and mental health and something grown ups and kids can enjoy together. Getting out in nature is a great way to fill our lives with wonder and joy, and possibly the best way to nurture curiosity and a love of science! Here are my top 10 nature adventure ideas for families:

1. Become a nature detective and get SPOTTING!

I have made a series of spotting guides that help, not only to find and identify the amazing wildlife around us, but also to help make connections between the plants, animals and fungi and their habitats. I will keep adding more so check back!

🍄🍁 Fungi spotter for autumn printable

🍄❄️ Fungi spotter for winter printable

🦉❄️ Bird spotter for winter printable

2. The Woodland Trust: We know it’s hard to get out and get supplies at the moment but there are so many things you can do with what you have to hand. The Woodland Trust Blog provides oodles of ideas in the home and outdoors, most of which use up waste or simple supplies like pencils and paper. I particularly love the nature pirates activity and the fairy door activity. Imagine how wonderful it would be for someone when they discover your fairy door!

3. Finding your words: Nature has long been the inspiration for many artworks and music, so why not get inspired and creative with the help of The Lost Words.  Their free downloadable Spell Songs feels like a deep, luxurious and calming breath in. Just what we all need right now.

4. Skomer Island Live: Set off the Westest West part of Wales is the breathtaking Skomer Island (Find out more about Skomer and indulge in a bit of Puffin Loving’ here). I have visited with my family a few times now, and even my skatepark and computer game-mad son soon relaxes into the beauty and ruggedness of it. We were incredibly lucky to get to immerse ourselves in Puffins last time we were there, and you can see the videos of our close encounters here


5. Muddy Faces: I know mud is a bit like marmite and gives some people the heebie-jeebies. If you love the cool squelch of mud, then Muddy Faces, a brilliant forest school, has got enough to get you properly covered. They also have a lovely shop with lots of tools and nature adventure kit. I particularly love the wooden construction blocks!

6. Look UP: Whatever time of year, there are so many birds to find out about and the RSPB is surely the best place to look for help with loads of activities and events. Their YouTube channel also has live streams on bird feeders and nests!

RSPB Live wildlife cameras

Telling the difference between all the birds you might see can be tricky but the RSPB has loads of resources to help you. I particularly like their “Ask an Expert” section where you can get access to lots of top notch info, and ask questions of people who really know their warblers from their wagtails. 

7. The Great Big Bug Hunt: If you aren’t a fan of creepy crawlies then perhaps now is the time to look away. But how can anyone not love the intricate patterns, the incredible movement and sheer business of bugs? The Great Big Bug Hunt is a competition run by The Royal Entomological Society (it took me 3 goes to spell that correctly!) and The Association for Science Education 

8. Camp Out: I asked my nature-loving daughter (12) what her favourite thing has been since lockdown and she said camping in the Garden and I totally agree! This had the double advantage of giving my hubby and I some peace in the evening! I realise we are very lucky to have a garden the kids can camp in. If you don’t, then a dawn or dusk walk, where you can watch the sky changing and listen to the animals is so calming and beautiful.

9. Your Top Adventure Destination: Imagine the place you would want to go most in the whole world? What does it look like? What kind of animals live there? Does it have any unusual natural features? When you can’t get outdoors, bring the natural world indoors and go on a virtual holiday to somewhere amazing! Since lockdown began hundreds of “virtual adventures” have popped up. Some of my favourites are:

The Great Barrier Reef with David Attenborough
an African Nature reserve live streamed 
Yosemite National Park 
Madagascan Dugongs in the Seagrass 

10. Bumblebee Conservation Trust: Have I mentioned before how much I LOVE Bumblebees!? The Bumblebee Conservation Trust and their fabulous resources had to make my list of 10! I do have a bit of a confession to make. The first time I ever saw a Bumblebee I absolutely freaked out. I was 20-something and had not long arrived in the UK. We don’t have bumblebees in Australia so I had no idea they could be so HUGE! A Buff-Tailed Bumblebee came buzzing towards me and I was so scared! Anything that size in Australia flying towards you is your signal to RUN! Now I know they are harmless, their peaceful buzz in music to my ears. We also developed our Brilliant Bees Box in collaboration with the BCT!

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