Five Fun Fungi Facts


Are they a plant? They’re definitely not an animal…

So what ARE fungi? Here’s Five Fun Fungi Facts!

As it happens, fungi are their own specific group of living organisms. They’re neither plants, animals or bacteria, with their own set of complex eukaryotic cells. If you’re wondering what eukaryotic means, it just means that they’re cells made up of a clearly defined nucleus.

But if you’re interested in knowing more about these magical organisms, here are our top 5 fun facts:

1. Fungi is found in water, earth, the air… and even in plants and animals!

2. There are more than 100,000 different species of fungi around the world.

3. They vary in size from microscopic to several square miles big!

4. They get their food by decomposing matter or eating off their hosts as parasites.

5. Scientists who specialize in the study of fungi are called mycologists.

For more fun facts about fungi, check out what squeaks has to say:

And how about our very own resident fungi expert, Renee, who stumbled across a fully-formed beautiful white mushroom whilst exploring with puffins:


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