Founded by Renee Watson in 2016, The Curiosity Box is a small company with a big vision. We want to reach at least 1 million children with awesome hands-on science and engineering activities. With a mission to answer the whats, whys and hows of the world, every month we send out boxes jam packed with sciency experiments, collectables and potential wow moments, so that families and schools can enjoy finding the extraordinary in the ordinary and the wonder in the world.

From pocket money gifts to our award-winning monthly box of hands-on sciency fun to a whole STEM Day in a Box for your school, we create products that enable you to discover the science in your every day.

The Curiosity Box creates and makes award-winning science and engineering boxes that deliver everything you need to nurture your child’s passion for discovery, experimentation and exploration.

We have a range of subscriptions and one off boxes for 4-11 year olds AND their families. Each box is packed full of fun and fascinating curriculum-linked activities, designed with Oxford University scientists to encourage curiosity-led learning.

We’ve also developed the STEM Day in a Box. Resource kits for primary schools and other groups for 7-11 year olds. These boxes contain everything you need to run science/engineering themed workshops or days.

Our mission is to give families everything they need to bring science to life for kids, and to have fun doing it! We want to brighten the lives of curious children and their families by helping them to explore, question and discover the wonder in the world around them. Our ultimate goal? To join with you and lead a curiosity revolution so we can:

  • Enhance education by giving parents fun and easy to understand tools they need to spark and nurture their child’s curiosity.
  • Give every child the opportunity to become the next Marie Curie, Albert Einstein or Ada Lovelace
  • Make the world a better place by encouraging children to explore how they can use science to help solve the planet’s problems

We believe that science belongs to everyone! That by nurturing and aiding curiosity-led learning, we can help families explore the fascinating world of science by conducting fun and interesting experiments that build a child’s confidence and encourage them to question what’s possible.

Our ethical values mean that our packaging is recyclable or biodegradable with all your experiments arriving in corn starch bags. We want children to save the world whilst learning about it so there’s no single use plastic near our STEM act.

I was born in a rural town in Australia. I didn’t know anyone who had been to University and often felt a bit different because I wanted to take things apart and know how and why things happened.

That wonder and joy of exploring the world around you has made my life better, and I want all children to have the same opportunity.

Since my first attempt at science engagement, which involved a museum of body parts, I’ve run events such as the Oxfordshire Science Festival, as well as workshops in the smallest of primary schools. But mostly, I have been listening to, and observing, what kids say about science – they love it!

When it is hands-on, and they are free to explore their thoughts and ideas; and to what parents say, which is so often something like: “I might have liked science, but it was SO boring at school.”

Along the way, I have gathered together a team of equally passionate, (and let’s be frank) quirky individuals, who have all worked tirelessly to package up our mission into a beautiful box of activities for kids, ready to nurture the curiosity, in your home.

We truly hope you find that The Curiosity Box delivers that warming feeling of family time well spent, a niggling need to ask questions, and most of all, the confidence your children need to start doing science!

Yours in Curiosity,


Meet the team

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Awards and achievements

  • Let Toys be Toys Award 2024
  • Let Toys be Toys Award 2023
  • Let Toys be Toys award 2022
  • Let Toys be Toys award 2021
  • Let Toys be Toys award 2020
  • Let Toys be Toys award 2019
  • Women in Business STEM award
  • Inspiring 50 award
  • West Oxfordshire Business Awards - Innovation Award
  • Toy of the Year Award from WISE
  • Institute of Directors - Director of the year Award Finalist
  • Inclusive Tech Alliance Award winner

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