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Lay foundations for your future workforce and a competitive UK economy, by building science capital in kids in your local community.

Research shows that businesses like yours play a crucial role in influencing young people’s STEM aspirations. You can provide the real world context and broaden their horizons. But we get it, it can be hard to know where to start and even harder to engage schools.

At Curiosity Box, we have 20+ years experience in STEM outreach and engagement, in and outside the classroom, plus a range of tried and tested products to make this your easiest, most impactful decision today!

  • 3 tiers of sponsorship available.
  • Your branding on the box plus social media and direct promotion.
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  • Stop the STEM skills gap.
  • Buy STEM days for teachers to lead.
  • Build Teacher confidence.
Buy STEM kits for schools

Buy ready-to-go STEM activity packs for your outreach team to deliver in a school or at an event.

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Incentivise staff by:

  • Buying a kit for their kids’ school.
  • Gifting boxes for the kids they love.
Gift boxes to staff Buy STEM kits for schools
  • Build STEM capital.
  • Inspire kids with hands-on STEM.
  • Donate or gift STEM kits to families.
Send direct to home Donate boxes

We’re a small agile team on a big mission to bring fun, upskilling STEM to ALL kids.

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