Edina Trust funding for schools
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Brought to you by the Oxford scientists behind The Curiosity Box™, STEM Day in a Box is designed to make life easy for teachers, bring the STEM curriculum to life and make it seriously fun for students.


How it Works

You can have serious fun exploring the Bloodhound project, experimenting and making. Each Box includes:

  • Activity kits for a class of 30, approximately 5 hours of activity time.
  • A great story to get the kids really engaged in a real world challenge.
  • A Teacher Hero-Making book with detailed instructions, additional resources, extension and homework ideas and a checklist of learning objectives to save you time
  • Prizes for you to give to teams or individuals who have done well
  • A video playlist with STEM role models
  • A STEM careers aspirations game and printable certificate for each student to take home

Questions? Pop us an email on our contact page.

*Please note that delivery of our STEM Day in a Box takes up to 2 weeks from receipt of payment to delivery.


Why STEM Day in a Box?