Inheritance and genetics!

Digital resources below include powerpoint versions of instructions and quiz, plus additional videos to help make the day fun!

Resource 1: Quiz in PowerPoint format

Resource 2: What is DNA?

Resource 3: Mapping traits instructions

Resource 4: Why am I me? Instruction slides

Resource 5: About Mendel’s pea experiments

Resource 6: Seeing differently powerpoint instructions

Resource 7: What is it like living with RP?

Resource 8: Testing and treating genetic disease instruction slides

Resource 9: What is Gene Therapy?

Resource 10: Gene Therapy for Retinitis Pigmentosa

Resource 11: What is it like being a scientist? Nina visits a science lab!

Careers and Gatsby Benchmarks 4-5: Meet our Curiosity Champions! These are young, diverse STEM role models that are seriously INSPIRING!

Young scientist role models