Inheritance and genetics!

Digital resources below include powerpoint versions of instructions and quiz, plus additional videos to help make the day fun!

Resource 1: Quiz in PowerPoint format

Resource 2: What is DNA?

Resource 3: Mapping traits instructions

Resource 4: Why am I me? Instruction slides

Resource 5: About Mendel’s pea experiments

Resource 6: Seeing differently powerpoint instructions

Resource 7: What is it like living with RP?

Resource 8: Testing and treating genetic disease instruction slides

Resource 9: What is Gene Therapy?

Resource 10: Gene Therapy for Retinitis Pigmentosa

Resource 11: What is it like being a scientist? Nina visits a science lab!

Careers and Gatsby Benchmarks 4-5: Meet our Curiosity Champions! These are young, diverse STEM role models that are seriously INSPIRING!

Young scientist role models

Risk Assessment

Link to an editable risk assessment that you can tailor to suit your setting

SDIAB Genes & Inheritance S&C Assessment