Science Day in a Box

How it works

How it works

Each box explores a different real-world challenge, with 11 challenges to choose from. We provide all the kit and caboodle needed for 30 kids to get fully hands-on with STEM with reusable kit to add to your class STEM resources and all the preparation, planning and science knowledge you need to deliver an engaging STEM session or sessions. 

In addition to the activity packs, every STEM Day in a Box contains:

  • A great story, with support videos to set the scene and get kids excited
  • A tailored Teacher Booklet providing you with the planning, curriculum links, a quiz, answers to questions that may arise, links to online support and additional resources, extension activity ideas and homework suggestions.
  • Activity packs for you to practise before the session. 
  • A STEM Day example timetable, we know you have lots to fit into your days!
  • A STEM career aspirations game and printable certificate for all students to take home

The STEM Day in a Box is a great way to bring some Science WOW to your classroom. Just pick your theme, order your box and add a STEM Day to your schedule.

Questions? Pop us an email via our Contact page.

*Please note that delivery of our STEM Day in a Box takes up to 2 weeks from receipt of payment to delivery.

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Why STEM Day in a Box?


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Corporate support

Sponsor or donate boxes of engaging, real-world STEM to build science capital for the future.

Corporate support

What teachers say...

Head Teacher

“I am astounded by the quality of the box contents, it's a ready made science lesson, saving my teachers a huge amount of time. I can see these boxes being really helpful for teachers who are not as confident at teaching science.”

Science Lead

"I was grateful for the Fully Charged Box. It actually made me feel like a proper teacher again. I had a great science time - and it just makes you realise how great teaching can be."