Magnets in Motion!

Digital resources below include powerpoint versions of instructions and quiz, plus additional videos to help make the day fun!

Resource 1: Quiz in PowerPoint format

magnets stem day kit quiz

Resource 2: What is a magnet?

Resource 3: Levitating magnet demo


Resource 4: What is a magnetic field and how does it work?

Resource 5: Make and electromagnet

make an electromagnet instruction powerpoint

Resource 6: What is electromagnetism and how does it work?

Resource 7: How do batteries work?

Resource 8: Make a motor instruction powerpoint

make a motor stem day powerpoint slides

Resource 9: Whole class motor challenge


Resource 10: Engineers Design Cycle worksheet

Engineers' Design Worksheet

Resource 11: The first electric motor

Resource 12 : Magnets in Motion Risk Assessment

Link to an editable risk assessment that you can tailor to suit your setting

Magnets in Motion Risk Assessment

Careers and Gatsby Benchmarks 4-5: Meet our Curiosity Champions! These are young, diverse STEM role models that are seriously INSPIRING!

Young scientist role models