Meet Scientists

Did you know, that when asked to “Draw a Scientist” most children draw a white male with crazy hair, specs & a lab coat? But the future of STEM that WE see is much more diverse! What better way to explore amazing STEM careers than by learning about real, inspiring young STEMists changing our world for good. This is the face of STEM, can you spot someone like you!? If you want to be a Curiosity Champion, submit an application here!

Andy Benson

Environmental management and educator

Helena Hopkins

Water Management Engineer

Elle Lorelle Mcintosh-Richards

Scientist and founder of Twipes

Vanessa Woods

Biomedicine and biotechnology scientist

Rafael Alves Bastista

Physicist and astrobiologist


Heavy metal marine biologist

Rebecca Smethurst

Astrophysicist and Science Communicator

Helen Needham

Computer programmer and neurodiversity advocate

Hana Ayoob

Science Illustrator, Events Producer and Speaker

Science Writer and Presenter

Kathryn Boast

Science Communicator and Physicist

Stefania Kapsetaki

Cancer researcher and pianist

Sarah Bearchell

Science Writer and Presenter

Lynda Coughlan

Microbiologist and vaccine scientist

Haydn Francis Curiosity Champion

Battery scientist and mentor

Gabriel Krenzer

Batteries and materials researcher

Helen Leigh

Maker and Technology Writer

Sophie Adjalley

Molecular biologist and malaria researcher

Merrit Moore

Quantum Physicist and Ballerina

Lucy Rogers

Engineer, Inventor and Communicator

Jacqueline Tan

Chemistry and Computing Scientist

Dr Jo

Teacher and Research Scientist