Ginny Smith

Science Writer and Presenter

I’m Ginny, and I’m a science writer and presenter.

I founded Braintastic! Science to produce science shows and resources that help young people understand and get the best out of their amazing brains.

I’ve always loved science, and been incredibly curious, wanting to understand the world around me. I considered a career in research, but discovered I enjoyed talking about science even more than doing it! I love translating science, making sure that everyone can understand it and

I really enjoy working with kids- young people ask the best questions! I hope to help inspire the next generation to consider careers in STEM, especially neuroscience & psychology. There’s so much we don’t know about our brains- we need lots more scientists to figure it out.

I have an invisible disability, so my body and brain get tired very easily. I have to manage my energy, and I can’t work full-time. But it has made me more passionate about providing diverse role models for the next generation of scientists. In my spare time, I enjoy travelling and exploring different places, cultures, and foods. I also like dancing salsa, baking tasty treats and watching far too many cooking shows on TV!

Ginny is our Sense-ational Senses box champion.

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