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Morgan and West

Although you wouldn’t think it to look at us, Morgan & West have degrees in Physics and Chemistry, and also used to teach science! It was our love of finding out how things work that got us into magic, and now we spend our lives doing shows all over the world.

Rather a lot of scientific ideas go into making a magic trick… well… magic. It’s tough to make something actually disappear, but often you can be rather sneaky about how people see things. There’s plenty of chemical reactions out there that will make something change colour, you just need to understand why so that it happens at the right time. And how to float someone? Why, that’s just bits of physics repurposed for our nefarious deeds! Muahahahahaaaaaaaaaa!

Everything Morgan & West do has to be tested again and again to make sure it works for every audience, not too dissimilar from repeating experiments to make sure your results weren’t a fluke. It’s safe to say that we wouldn’t be the all round spiffing chaps we are without the help of science!

I love being a scientist because...

We’re magicians (doh!)!

The most awesome thing I have done so far is...

Fooled Penn & Teller on TV!

My heroes are...

Marie Curie

Advice I would give my 7 year old self...

Have fun!

At primary school my favourite thing to do was...

Read books!

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