Bake Off Lab science kit

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Have your curiosity cake and eat it with our Bake Off Lab Box! This scrumptious box contains delicious activities that fuse science and baking to get your teeth into.

**Please note this box contains wheat – please check all ingredients if you suffer from any allergies**

The Bake Off Lab box includes:

🍫 Cocoa Bean to Chocolate Bar – it’s one of the most popular foods in the world, but where does chocolate come from and how is it made? It’s Willy Wonka meets Einstein when you make your own chocolates from scratch! (all variations)

🍯 Heavenly Honeycomb – Like a bubbling witches brew can you make fluffy, delicious honeycomb? Or will yours be more like a boiled sweet? (All variations)

🎂 Edible Atoms – make jiggly, sparkly and delicious liquid filled spheres! Seriously sciency and impressive! (Jumbo and Tots only)

🍪 The Ultimate Dunkable Biscuit (Jumbo/Tots only) – People love to dunk a biscuit in their tea or hot chocolate, but what makes a biscuit perfect for dunking? Test different recipes to find the ultimate dunkable biscuit!

curiosity box bake off lab box
Bake Off Lab science kit
£16.00£28.95 inc. VAT Select options
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