Bloodhound STEM Day

£180.00 inc. VAT

Ideal for upper KS2 and transition to KS3 + Gatsby Benchmark 4 and 5. The Bloodhound STEM Day in a Box fuses DT and engineering with sustainability and chemistry, in a real life STEM project that has touched every corner of the globe. Learn how to use the Engineers Design Cycle and be inspired by diverse STEM role models. This Box includes:

  • 30 Additive manufacturing balloon racers
  • 10 Fizzing Fountains experiment kits
  • Teacher hero pack including: physical and digital versions of the guide book, quiz, videos and games, printable certificate, homework template and test activity packs
  • prizes for the winning racers
  • 30 STEM career aspirations fortune tellers for each child to take home

Subject areas: Chemistry, engineering/DT, physics, environment, geography

STEM Curriculum areas: Working scientifically, living things, chemical reactions, properties and changes of materials, design and technology, technical knowledge and forces.

£25 from every Box sold will be donated to the Bloodhound Education Charity.

bloodhound science engineering race car activity kit for schools
Bloodhound STEM Day
£180.00 inc. VAT Select options
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