Brilliant Bees Nature Science Kit

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The Bee Box was created in collaboration with The Bumblebee Conservation Trust and 50p from the sale of every Box goes towards their efforts to protect Bumblebees! We learned so much while putting it together, and we hope you love learning about Bees too!

🐝 Bee B&B : Attract more Bumblebees to wild spaces near you! Create a specially designed Bumblebee B&B

🌼 Flower Power : Design flowers with the juiciest, most attractive pollen and find out how Bees navigate!

🦋 Pollinate (Jumbo/Tots only): Pollination is what keeps our food cycle going so bees are pretty darn important!

🌾 Seedy Socks (Jumbo/Tots only): What seeds are in your area? Are they good for pollinators and can you make some grow?

🔎 A chunky magnifying glass to get a closer look at those bugs and beasties in nature* Jumbo/Tots

Brilliant Bees Nature Science Kit
£16.00£28.95 inc. VAT Select options
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