Clever Cells science kit

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In our Clever Cells box we have given you everything you need to explore the weird and wonderful building blocks of life, cells! Our Clever Cells box includes:

🧬 DNA Extraction – ever wondered how you can see your own DNA? – well we tell you how with this activity!

🧬 Banana DNA Extraction (Tots only) – ever wondered how you can see DNA?  – well we tell you how with this activity!

🧫 Cell on a Slide – using air putty create a giant microscope slide of a super colourful cheek cell

🔬 Mapping Traits (Jumbo & Tots only) explore what makes you you!

🦠 Super Cells (Jumbo only) – use your enclosed Smart Device Microscope to extract and compare plant and human DNA

🎁 Make DNA Origami (Jumbo & Nano only) – to better understand the structure of this amazing molecules

👶 Cell Division (Tots & Tots nano only) – make your own playdough and explore the wonder of how cells divide!

cells and dna medical science experiment kit for children
Clever Cells science kit

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