Cosmic Blast Off space kit

£14.95£25.95 inc. VAT

3…2…1…Blast Off ???? Your Cosmic Blast Off box includes:

🪐 Cosmic Crafty View – What does the view from a space craft window look like? Imagine you are aboard the space craft and design your own view! Jumbo and nano box

🚀 Lung Powered Launcher – How far can you launch a rocket that is powered by the air from your lungs? Can a grown up launch it further than you? Jumbo only

👩‍🚀 Great Eggstronaut Challenge – Design a landing craft to safely land an egg! Jumbo and nano box

⚙️ Rocket Blast Off – How far can you launch a rocket that is just powered by air? What can you do to make it as aerodynamic as possible? Jumbo only

While you wait for your Cosmic Blast Off Box, you can recreate the Star Wars Laser Blaster sound with the cool science trick below!

cosmic rocket blast off space engineering kit for children
Cosmic Blast Off space kit

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