CuriosiTOTS Subscription

From: £31.95 inc. VAT / month

Get a box brimming full of seriously fun science and engineering experiments, and collectable kit, for your bright little spark, delivered every month! Order the CuriosiTOTS box for the inquisitive 4-6 year old in your life and they’ll be having too much fun to notice that they’re getting a head start in science!

With a focus on exploratory, sensory science, building creativity and problem solving skills, each box contains about 4-5 hours of activity time, furthermore everything is mapped onto the primary science curriculum. Everything you need is included (aside from the odd bowl or bit of sticky tape) so it’s easy for your 4-6 year old Curiositeer to start exploring, discovering and inventing at home!

You’ll receive an adventure poster in your first box and collectable stickers to add with each new box. Fill your poster and receive a professor of Curiosity badge! See below for more info on themes and box contents


hands on science engineering subscription box for 4-6 year olds
CuriosiTOTS Subscription
From: £31.95 inc. VAT / month Select options
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