Dinosaurs and Fossils

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Developed with dinosaur experts, this Box is going to be MASSIVE!

🦖 Designosaurus (All variations): Create your dream dinosaur and give it a habitat to live in. Would yours be a ferocious carnivore or a gently giant? Part bird, part armoured swamp dweller?

🕵🏾 CSI – Cretaceous Scene Investigation (Jumbo and CuriosiTots only): A fascinating fossilised dinosaur has been found! Can you use clues at the dig site to piece together what might have happened to the dinosaur?

🐚 Salt Dough Fossils (all variations): Not all fossils are made the same way, use the real fossils and shells in your pack to make a set of different fossil types

⌛ Time travelling fossil hunter (Jumbo and CuriositTots only): Whizz back through time, recreating the conditions that trapped your fossil and then make like a paleontologist and dig your fossil up!

fossils and dinosaurs science experiment kit for children
Dinosaurs and Fossils
£16.00£28.95 inc. VAT Select options
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