Fully Charged Battery Box

£48.00£180.00 inc. VAT

Ideal for upper KS2 and transition to KS3 + Gatsby Benchmark 4 and 5. Can you imagine a world without batteries?? As we race into our electric future, do we really understand what a battery is and how they work? Explore batteries, learn the Engineers Design Cycle and be inspired by young role models. The complete kit includes:

  • 30 Electric Artwork activity packs
  • 10 Lemon Battery kits
  • 10 Electric eco-car kits
  • 1 Energy Ball
  • 1 Teacher hero-making booklet including: printable certificate, homework template, test activity packs, prizes, 30 pencils and STEM career aspirations fortune teller

NOTE: The top up pack only contains the consumable parts to enable you to reuse the full kit.

Subject areas: Chemistry, engineering, physics, battery tech

STEM Curriculum areas: Working scientifically, electricity, properties and changes of materials, design and technology, DT – technical knowledge and forces.

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