Incredible Creatures science kit

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They are small but MIGHTY! Our Deadly Creatures Box explores the tiny terrors that often get overshadowed by the big things like lions and sharks. These creatures are fierce, furious and downright deadly but so fascinating too! Our Deadly Creatures Box includes

🐙 Terrifying Tentacles Jumbo only – Why do jellyfish sting? Make your own tentacles and explore what makes them so stingy!

🦟 Annoying Anopheles Jumbo/Tots/Nano- Make a giant mosquito that sounds just like the real thing!

🕸️ Web of Doom Jumbo/Tots/Nano – Sticky spider slime traps insects in a spider’s web ready for spider dinner later. How many flies can you catch in your web of dooooom

🐍 Viper Venom Jumbo/Tots – Use our fake venom and fake blood to see what happens when a viper bites. BEWARE this is gross!

🐡 Stealthy Stonefish Tots only – Engineer a venom-squirting stonefish!

⚛️ PLUS a collectable Molymod mini kit! *Jumbo only*

incredible deadly creatures and minibeasts science experiment kit
Incredible Creatures science kit

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