Magnets in Motion STEM Kit

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We have teamed up with Innovate UK, DER – Driving the Electric Revolution, Fluxsys and the University of Bristol to create a STEM experiment kit that explores the wonder of electromagnets and their importance in the future of our everyday life, as well as incorporating literacy, maths, physics and engineering.  Ideal for upper KS2 and transition into KS3.

Students will learn all about the different properties of objects, how magnets are used in life today, learn how to make a non-magnetic object magnetic and then engineer their very own electromagnets.  We may even throw in a bit of magic too!  The complete kit includes:

  • Make a magnet – turning non-magnetic objects into magnets
  • Move it challenge – create individual electromagnets and then work as a team to join the electromagnets together to move an object
  • The magic of magnets – create and watch your very own magnetic magic trick!
  • Teacher Hero Kit with instructions and a simple explanation of the science, extension ideas, learning objective checklist, copyable certificate, homework ideas and timing guide all in a lovely ethical cloth bag
  • 30 STEM career aspirations fortune tellers for each child to take home
  • Digital resources

Subject areas: Engineering, Chemistry, DT, Physics

STEM Curriculum areas: Working scientifically, properties and changes of materials, design and technology

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magnets in motion
Magnets in Motion STEM Kit
£235.00 inc. VAT Select options
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