Mind Blowing Microbes science kit

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From Viruses to Bacteria and all the microbes in between, this Box helps you understand the tiny unseen beasties that live all around us! Our Mind Blowing Microbes box includes:

🦠 Make a Microbe: Pick germs to upsize and learn about the features that make them useful or dangerous!

👋🏾 Burping Yeast Race: Explore how microbes behave in different environments.

🍽️ Disgusting Dishes (Jumbo only): Test samples from around your home so you can see what’s clean and what’s dirty!

🪥 Plaque Panic (Jumbo + Tots only): Smashing the biofilms that cause plaque!

✋ Super Spreaders (Tots only): Find out if you’re a champion hand washer!

🍞 Grow a Microbe Garden (Tots only) : Use bread to grow your very own microbes!

microbes germs and health medical science experiment kit for children
Mind Blowing Microbes science kit

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