Science Party Favours 4-6 year olds

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Are you hosting a science themed party?  Do you need some fun activities for your guests to get stuck into at the party or would you love a WOW gift for them to take home (along with a slice of cake of course)?!  Choose from a range of different science experiment activity packs, each with their own instructions, stickers, science Champion card, gift bag and kit*.


  • Erupting Slime – Mix chemicals to make a foaming slime.
  • Colour Change Potion – Craft a potion that’s the envy of any witch or wizard!


  • Salt Dough Fossils – Not all fossils are made the same way, use the real fossils and shells in your pack to make a set of different fossil types.
  • Dinosaur Detective – A fascinating fossilised dinosaur has been found! Can you use clues at the dig site to piece together what might have happened to the dinosaur?


  • Cool Comet Fizzers – Make model comets that whizz and fizz!
    Crafty Cosmic View -What does the view from a space craft window look like? Imagine you are aboard the space craft and design your own view!


  • Sticky Snot – Glow in the dark, farting snot…what’s not to love!?
  • Colour Change Putty – Test super cool colour changing putty in different environments.

If you are having a different themed party, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do!

Science Party Favours 4-6 year olds
£25.00£142.00 inc. VAT Select options
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