Science Sleuths science kit

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The first of its kind in our collection, you get to immerse yourself in a detective ‘whodunnit’ crime to solve (with sciencey magic thrown in along the way!).  In collaboration with the amazing Amanda Hartley, author of the DNA detective books, this box is sure to satisfy those inquisitive minds and get those curious juices flowing!

Our Science Sleuths box contains:

✏️ Hidden Help (Jumbo/ Tots only) – reveal an important clue to the puzzle using shady skills.

🧭 Make a Compass (Jumbo only)  – north, south, east or west – you choose which way is best! Which way did the dog-napper go?

✍️ Cryptic Chromatography – discover the wonder of pen ink and use your detective skills to find out who wrote the ransom note!

🖐🏽 Fascinating Fingerprints – find out how the uniqueness of our fingerprints can be a very useful clue to help solve mysteries!

⌚Data Digging (Jumbo/ Tots only) – dig into the data behind modern technology to find out more about who the ‘dog-napper’ is.

👟 Muddy Mystery (Jumbo/ Tots only) – measure, observe and deduce the shoe type and size of the thief!

Science Sleuths science kit
£16.00£28.95 inc. VAT Select options
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