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Our senses are so amazing! They are like an entire science lab built into our bodies, but how do they really work? Find out about the incredible human brain and how our sense of touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing help us to make sense of the world, every second, of every day!

🦻 Balloon boom box (Jumbo and CuriositTots only): An engineering challenge to create a model ear, it’s banging!

🌊 Springy waves (Jumbo and CuriositTots only): Make the iconic laserblaster sound from Star Wars with this simple science trick and catch a wave of clever physics facts while you are at it.

👅 Super tasters (all variations): What kind of taster are you? Explore the lunar landscape of your lumpy bumpy tongue and find out you, and your loved ones, experience food.

👃 Sniff test (all variations):  Your nose knows…or does it!? Be like a sniffer dog and experiment with chemistry to uncover the true nature of the mysterious smells

😎 Sensational sight (Jumbo and CuriositTots only): How do people who have limited sight, or who are blind, navigate the world? See how your perception changes without your sight and try out a clever tool that enables people with visual impairments to read.

👁️ Seeing is believing (Jumbo and CuriositTots only): Make your own mini movie with a brilliant optical illusion that uses on your brain’s ability to fill in the gaps.

✋ Sensitive skin signals (Jumbo and Tots only): Your skin is the biggest organ in your body, and it’s full of nerve endings, making it a seriously sensory organ. But how sensitive is it? Explore touch with a DIY sense-testing caliper.

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