Splendid Space Science Kit

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Space is full of wonders and mysteries that make our curiosity sky rocket! The Splendid Space experiment kit is an intergalactic adventure into comets, space craft, sun, moon and stars!

☄️ Cool Comet Fizzers: Make model comets that whizz and fizz!

💫 Glowing constellations: Stars capture our imagine and our hearts. Their twinkling beauty lighting up our night sky has been the subject of inventions, questions and lots of science! Go on your very own star treck!

☀️ Orbiting Orrery (Jumbo/Tots only): We wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the special dance between Sun, Moon and Earth. Create a working model of this relationship and how these three important rocks move with each other.

🌙 Magnificent Moon (Jumbo/Tots only): Is it a golden smile in the sky? Is it a slice of cheese? No! It’s the beautiful moon! Explore the phases of the moon and why it looks like it does at the different times of the month.

🛰️ Docking Dilemma (Jumbo/Tots only): Design, build and land a moon vehicle, testing the laws of physics AND your dance moves! Astro engineering at it’s finest, with a high chance of giggles!

Splendid Space Science Kit
£16.00£28.95 inc. VAT Select options
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