Spooky science experiment kit

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It’s creepy and it’s cooky, it’s curious and gloopy, it’s our Spooky Science Box! High on freaky-ness, with plenty of ewwwww!! The Spooky Box contains:

🧛🏻‍♂️ Draculas Cloak: A spooky chemical reaction that changes colour before your eyes

🦴 Break a leg: Make a model bone to find out what’s inside them and why are they so strong.

🩸 Raining Blood (Jumbo only): Explore density by making a horrifying glowing mixture with oozing drops of blood…gruesome!

🙀 Scream Maker (Jumbo/Tots only): Is it a blood curdling scream, or possibly a sick chicken? Give your friends a fright with the scream maker!

💀 Spooky Skeletons (Tots only): Make a glow-in-the-dark dancing skeleton

Spooky pumpkin
Spooky science experiment kit
£16.00£28.95 inc. VAT Select options
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