Sublime Slime science kit

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With everything from glow in the dark to edible slime, this box is the ultimate slime-lovers experiment kit while secretly learning about fluid dynamics, chemistry and density! This Box includes:

👃 Sticky Snot: Glow in the dark, farting snot…what’s not to love!?

🌈 Thermochromic Putty: Test super cool colour changing putty in different environments

🍮 Gooey Oobleck (Jumbo/Tots only): Is it a liquid? Is it a solid? This gooey oobleck will make your mind boggle!

🐛 Slimy Slugs (Jumbo only): Slime…That you can eat! Make baubles and strings of slime that are good enough to eat.

🌌 Galaxy Tube (Tots only): Explore fluid dynamics by creating a magical, swirling test tube that looks like you’ve captured a galaxy

⚛️ PLUS a collectable Molymod mini kit! *Jumbo only*

slime chemistry science experiment kit for children
Sublime Slime science kit
£16.00£28.95 inc. VAT Select options
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