Super Strong Engineering STEM Day

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Mission 1

Pearl lives on an island in Indonesia and she needs your help! Pearl is 10 and in the past few years the climate has been changing, big storms have become more common and rising seas have cut her off from the places where her people normally find their food. Pearl needs to build a raft to bring food back to her village, can you help her by building a prototype raft that can hold as much weight as possible? *Ship not included

Mission 2

There has been a terrible earthquake in Nepal. Lots of buildings have been damaged and the main bridge into the town has fallen down. The bridge is so important because it is the only way to get food and supplies across the river, therefore Sanani, who is 9, wants to help rebuild his village. He has lots of ideas and always likes inventing and there is a lot of bamboo around that is easy for him to collect. The first step is to build a strong bridge that can enable vehicles to bring supplies across the river. Can you help Sanani prototype a bridge using eco-straws instead of bamboo?

This kit contains:

  • 15 Raft building kits
  • 15 Bridge building kits
  • 15 Newton meters
  • 1 pack of extra supplies
  • 1 Teacher Hero kit with instructions and a simple explanation of the science, extension ideas, learning objective checklist, copiable certificate, homework ideas and timing guide all in a lovely ethical cloth bag
  • STEM career aspirations fortune tellers for the children to take home
  • Scroll down for your unboxing and STEM day introduction videos.

Subject areas: Engineering, Physics, Design and Technology

Curriculum areas: Working scientifically, properties and changes of materials and forces, DT – technical knowledge

Super Strong Engineering STEM Day
£180.00 inc. VAT Select options
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