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Digital resources below include powerpoint versions of instructions and quiz, plus additional videos to help make the day fun!

Resource 1: Quiz in PowerPoint format

super strength quiz download image

Resource 2: What are earthquakes?

Resource 3: Super Strength instructions

super strength activity instruction powerpoint

Resource 4: Why are triangles so strong?

Resource 5: How people of Nepal have used engineering to make getting to school easier…but scary!

Resource 6: Stories from space – a story about Rosie Revere, Engineer read by Asrtonaut Kate Rubins from the International Space Station

Careers and Gatsby Benchmarks 4-5: Meet our Curiosity Champions! These are young, diverse STEM role models that are seriously INSPIRING!

Young scientist role models

Resource 7: Risk Assessment

Link to an editable risk assessment that you can tailor to suit your setting

Straw Bridges (SDIAB Superstrength) S&C Assessment